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Spring out of bed, get the little one out of their room, put the kettle on, put the toast in, change the nappy, answer that email-it's time sensitive, oops that IG post needs to go live, butter the toast with the always helpful assistance of a toddler, attempt to drink the tea, wipe little hands and faces, take that call, read that article you saved 3 weeks ago about SEO, get engrossed in a bit of Octonauts, oh shoot don't forget to throw that load of laundry in-but there's no time-gotta get ready for music class, can't be late again, but wait, hair is desperately gross, must wash, deal with the tantrum because the small wanted to wear the shoes with the "fishies," and just great, it starts to pour with cold, gray rain just as we walk out the door, why did I bother washing my hair?! Somewhere in the middle of this typical morning, that we know you all can appreciate, there should be a moment where you just stop, breath and encourage your mind and body to calm down. We are increasingly finding ourselves trying to get our head above water in this everyday, connected, 24/7 world we live. Being parents, partners, business owners, friends and just, well, people, creates a lot of personal expectations for success, depending on how you measure it.

On Tuesday we attended our first Mother's Meeting Biz Academy class.  It was inspiring, to say the least, and we walked away with the start of many new friendships and support systems, a lot of notes and memorable pieces of advice and words that have had us thinking since.  Yvonne Fuchs,  a business advisor, coach and mentor (as well as the founder of The Branding Workshop), who is running the Business Academy alongside Mother's Meeting founder, Jenny Scott, said one particular sentence that has become a sort of mantra in the days after the session...GET A GRIP. This little three-word sentence comes in handy in a plethora of everyday situations in life, parenthood and business, all of which we are really just trying to figure out at the end of the day. Think about're running around like a crazed looney tune to get to a music class on time, as per the above situation....yes, the class is important (for your little and for you-hello adult interaction!) but is it really worth a raised blood pressure, stress sweating and beating yourself up over if you end up being 5 minutes late?! 

By definition, to get a grip of yourself is "to make an effort to control your emotions and behave more calmly." To get a grip on a situation is "to understand how to deal with something."  So for either scenario it's taking a moment to literally step back and g e t  a  g r i p. Slow down. Prioritise. Decide what really needs done right that minute and what is going to keep you from losing your s!& it a bit of accounting (disclaimer : accounting is always important but ya know, right time, right place) that can wait so you can get a good cuddle and some reading in with your little person? Or do you forego that next episode of whatever Netflix show you're currently obsessing over to attend a "webinar" on "social media and your business?"

As the days get busier with our fast-growing kiddos (please, please slow down!) and more and more time and effort to grow our business is required (when there never seems to be enough hours in the day), we have a feeling these three little words are going to have a big impact.


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